Alice’s Story

A Busy Mom’s Story with CoolSculpting

Alice, a hard-working Nurse, is also an adoring mom to 2 lively boys. She has a great attitude towards life and her patients love her. She is passionate about helping young adults and teens. After her second child, she had returned to full-time work and resumed her usual work-out routine. She became concerned that she wasn’t getting the results that she wanted through her hard work, especially since her lifestyle includes healthy, home-made nutritious food, Yoga, and outdoor activities with her boys. She was mostly concerned about the stubborn fat over her abdomen.

Alice reached out to us. She wanted help in regaining her previous body shape in a non-surgical manner. Dr. Kamani and her team listened to her concerns and recommended Coolsculpting. Together they created a customized treatment plan to achieve her body-contouring goals. This was a perfect solution for her – as a busy working mom.

Her treatment was completed after a series of sessions. During treatment, she noticed that once the applicators were placed on the abdomen, she first felt some pinching and tugging. After a few minutes, she became comfortable throughout the rest of the session. 

After each of the 2 sessions, which were done 4 months apart, she noticed a 20-25 % reduction of her problem areas. She was ecstatic about her results, noticing the difference in her before and after photos, motivating her to further keep her lifestyle goals! 

Coolsculpting can precisely target the problem areas to get rid of stubborn fat using Cryolipolysis (fat-freezing). It uses cold temperatures to break down fat cells, which are particularly susceptible to its effects, while skin and other structures are excluded from this process. These dead fat cells are naturally removed from the body.