“Latisse®” is Health Canada and FDA-approved and is indicated for use by doctors to treat hypotrichosis or inadequate eyelashes.

Latisse® in Vancouver

At Kitsilano Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Kamani offers the best evidence-based treatments to support and bring out your natural beauty. All our treatments are minimally invasive, ranging from skin tightening and fat freezing to prescription treatments that address complex concerns like length, colour, and darkness of eyelashes. Learn more at 604-222-9998 or

FAQs for Latisse® for Lashes

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Latisse® is approved by the FDA and Health Canada as a prescription eyelash product.

The most common side effect is itching. Less common side effects may include dry eye, irritation, and skin darkening around the eye. There may be some darkening of the iris in light-coloured eyes.

Getting started with Latisse®

Stress, age-related changes, hormones, and hygiene can all affect the health and density of eyelashes. As part of our commitment to offer a holistic, full-body approach to medical aesthetics, we offer Latisse® as an evidence-based solution to achieve natural-looking outcomes and embrace positive ageing—on your terms.