Elizabeth’s Full-Face Rejuvenation Story

Elizabeth is a busy documentary filmmaker living part-time in Canada. Her films have been featured on Netflix as well as TV. At 47 years young, she is fit and active, regularly indulging in horseback riding and snowboarding. As a self-proclaimed outdoor enthusiast, Elizabeth follows other “horse people” on social media.

Her schedule makes it hard for her to maintain her skin routine. She was looking for medically backed, safe and proven treatments with little to no down-time, and something easy to maintain towards looking and feeling her best. She felt alive but the face looking in the mirror looked tired and saggy. Her journey began with a conversation with Dr. Roz Kamani at Kitsilano Medical Aesthetics. They discussed her work schedules, skincare routines, and medical/family history. 

Dr. Kamani made expert recommendations and created a “bespoke” treatment plan tailored to her needs. This consisted of a Full- Face Dermal Fillers plan (using MD Codes) to help Elizabeth reach her goals. She was encouraged to voice any questions or concerns. After a detailed consultation, Elizabeth was excited to start on her journey. Over a few sessions, her treatment was completed. In her words “Dr. Kamani listens, advises, and offered the services I was looking for! I felt safe in her hands, and I am exhilarated with how my face looks. I look at myself in the mirror, and I feel more joyful now.”.

Dermal Fillers are hyaluronic acid molecules, and when anatomically placed with expert techniques, can reduce volume loss and sagginess while contouring and lifting the face. 

What are MD codes? It is a technique developed by Dr. Mauricio de Mao that detail’s location, layer, delivery system, and volume of placement of Dermal Fillers. It accounts for the whole face and is used by skilled injectors to create safe, replicable results for a more transformative outcome. As such, Dr. Roz Kamani has become an expert at using MD codes for patients seeking facial revitalization.

“Since my first visit I have felt like Dr. Kamani was an old family friend. She always seems to have my best interests at heart. Always considering my budget and the very natural way I want to look; she explains and guides me through what is available. I am a get-out-of-bed-and-go kind of person who wears minimal makeup. With a few simple visits, I feel I can carry on with the same disregard for my appearance, and when I catch sight of myself as I dash from one thing to the other, I feel I look rather nice!” ~ Elizabeth 2024