Aesthetic Doctor Rozmin Kamani Hosts Author M.G Vassanji for a Beautiful Event

On Oct 26th, Dr. Rozmin Kamani will present a unique client event at her Kitsilano office. In addition to demonstrating the efficacy of innovative technologies being used in aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate the face, body, and skin, Dr. Kamani will be hosting two-time Giller Prize winner and renowned Canadian author M.G Vassanji, who will be reading from his newest book, Everything There Is.


Skincare in Vancouver: Post Summer Skin Repair

Looking for skincare in Vancouver? The summer days are at an end. However, some spots may have decided to take up permanent residence as your tan fades. This is fairly routine and easy to treat, and the darker day is a great time to detox and give your skin a little TLC after too many days in the sun.

Skin Care in Vancouver: Repairing Sun Damage

If post-summer skincare is on your to-do list. Dr. Rozmin Kamani is here to help. As an aesthetic doctor based in Kitsilano, she offers treatment like medical-grade facial treatments, including facial peels and IPL laser treatments in Vancouver 


Working with a Cosmetic Doctor: 5 Reasons Professional Skincare is More than Skin-deep

Looking for a  cosmetic doctor? As a physician of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Rozmin Kamani is adept at diagnosing and treating patients’ skin. People come looking for solutions for a variety of conditions that range from redness and aging to acne, pores, and discoloration.

Cosmetic Doctor – Dr. Kamani in Vancouver Kitsilano

Dr. Kamani is an expert when it comes to educating, screening, and treating various skin issues. For those who have not been blessed with naturally cooperative complexions, a skin doctor can fill in the blanks, providing insight and advice for those suffering from common skin woes. While some people seem to have naturally flawless complexions, the reality is that they’ve likely learned how to manage their skin’s quirks and developed a core routine that caters to its needs