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CoolSculpting to Treat Post-Holiday Love Handles

Non-invasive beauty treatments are the in thing at the moment. Relatively risk-free with proven results, people are looking towards different treatments, everything from fillers to age-defying hyaluronic acid injections, to achieve tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

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CoolSculpting: The Cutting Edge In Non-surgical Fat Reduction

Let’s be honest. Most of us have excess fat somewhere in our bodies. It’s normal. However, some areas can be stubborn. For men and women who are more inclined to store fat, especially with age, CoolSculpting, sometimes called the “lunchtime lipo,” has proved effective at stimulating fat loss—without surgery or downtime.

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CoolSculpting for Proven Fat Reduction

Winter is a time when many people pack on the pounds. The cold, rainy weather in Vancouver makes it challenging to stay motivated and active, particularly for people who exercise outdoors. After all the holiday indulgence, many people renew their motivation in the New Year with plans to eat healthily and exercise diligently. Unfortunately, with age, shedding the last bit of winter fat can be challenging—the body can just store fat differently—this is where CoolSculpting may be a solution.

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Time to Start Building a Summer Bod: CoolSculpting in Vancouver

Ready to love yourself from every angle? What if we told you this is the best time to start building your summer beach bod? It’s true. 

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CoolSculpting is a leading non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that can help you meet your body goals. It uses controlled cooling to eliminate that stubborn fat that’s difficult to shift, even with diet and exercise. With proven results that really last, CoolSculpting is here to help you achieve your ideal look.

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3 Reasons to Try Freezing Fat Cells Away With CoolSculpting

Visit Dr. Kamani’s CoolSculpting Clinic in Vancouver to learn how to enhance your body shape, lose stubborn fat, or look and feel comfortable in your clothes again.

Holding on to the slim shape of youth isn’t easy. Shifts in metabolism, lifestyle, and diet can pile on the weight and chip away at our confidence. Luckily, non-invasive CoolSculpting is a solution that carries few risks and offers fantastic results.

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CoolSculpting in Vancouver: The Non-Invasive Way to Reshape Problem Areas

The attitudes toward getting work done have shifted. Today many of the measures we take to look and feel better about ourselves simply fall into the category of self-care. That may be partly the reason why, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, fat reduction treatments are on the rise. 

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As a CoolSculpting clinic in Vancouver, Dr. Rozmin Kamani offers  CoolSculpting for patients seeking fat reduction in targeted areas. As a doctor who has provided patients with safe, medically proven aesthetic treatments for over 20 years, CoolSculpting has remained one of the most in-demand procedures since it appeared on the market in 2010.

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What to Expect: CoolSculpting in Vancouver

You’ve probably already heard about CoolSculpting. As a revolutionary fat-freezing technology, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical solution used to enhance body shape, get rid of stubborn fat, and just feel comfortable in your clothes again. But did you ever wonder how it works? As a CoolSculpting clinic in Vancouver, Dr. Kamani has special training in the CoolSculpting procedure and is prepared to guide you along your journey.

Schedule a Vancouver CoolSculpting Consultation

Your first visit begins with a CoolSculpting Consultation. Dr. Kamani will take the time to discuss your goals before coming up with a holistic approach for reshaping your body. This will include looking at your body from different angles and discussing which areas you want to reduce fat. 

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Experience CoolSculpting in Vancouver

Summer bodies start in winter. For those interested in CoolSculpting in Vancouver, Dr. Roz Kamani’s CoolSculpting clinic offers the FDA-cleared treatment for stubborn fat. 

As a proven fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting may be used for many areas of the body, including thighs, abdomen and flanks, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks, and upper arms.