Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver with Diolaze XL

Sun, swimsuits, and skin. Summer is coming, which means many of us will be fretting about unwanted body hair. For those done with shaving, plucking, and waxing, there’s a better way. Dr. Rozmin Kamani offers painless laser hair removal in Vancouver using DiolazeXL.


Smooth Summer Skin: DioLaze XL Laser Hair Removal in Vancouver

If silky hair-free skin sounds like a dream, this summer it can become a reality. That’s because The Diolaze XL has just arrived in Dr. Kamini’s clinic. This is the new generation of laser hair removal in Vancouver—the Lamborghini of hair removal technology. Smooth away unwanted tufts and strands for a silky-smooth look, nose to toes.

Vancouver Laser Hair Removal Technology

Like most hair laser removal technology, the DiolazeXL keeps unwanted fuzz to a minimum by targeting the follicle. The technology works by passing an 810 nm diode laser beam through the skin that heats the root of the hair, altering its structure and inhibiting future growth. Moreover, InMode has designed its technology with multiple safeguards, including built-in cooling that makes hair removal sessions more comfortable. Combined with one of the largest treatment surface areas and an easy-glide mode, DiolazeXL minimizes unwanted hair evenly and quickly, taking about 20-30 minutes per session vs 40 minutes with conventional treatments.