CoolSculpting Cost

What Does CoolSculpting Cost in Vancouver?

You’ve already heard about CoolSculpting. You’ve done the diets, the yoga, the weight training, and you’ve run out of patience. As a safe and medically proven treatment for the removal of stubborn fat, CoolSculpting is now the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure in the world.
For those wondering how it all works, the treatment involves using a handheld device to precisely freeze the fat below the surface of the skin. During treatment, these cells freeze and crystallize, allowing the body to eliminate them naturally. Results may be apparent after 2-3 weeks, with the most notable changes occurring within 2 to 4 months.


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Goodbye to Stubborn Fat

Coolsculpting procedure shapes what you can see without Surgery or Downtime, so you will look great from every angle. Eliminate stubborn fate that resists diet and exercise. Coolsculpting technology delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen) then die. Over time your body naturally eliminates them, leaving a more sculpted you.


Double Defense

Dr. Roz Kamani prescribes “DOUBLE DEFENSE” against premature aging. Over 90% of visible aging is caused by sun and pollution…Sunscreens are not enough!
SkinCeuticals Antioxidants provide protection against free radicals caused by UV and IRA light, this antioxidant also accelerates cellular renewal and promotes collagen synthesis.